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i've just installed a copy of SCILAB 4.1.2. I am using windows XP and i've installed the default programs.
I get the following error when i start the program:
Startup execution:
  loading initial environment
 !--error 241
File C:\DOCUME~1\Jauleski_G\Local Settings\Temp\SCI_TMP_3244_\unix.err does not exist or read access denied
at line      58 of function unix_g called by :
line    29 of function listfiles called by :
line    27 of function toolboxes called by :
line     2 of exec file called by :
line   201 of exec file called by :

The problem is that i can't open scipad also because of the unix.err
and when scilab closes it removes the temporary folder together with its contents automatically....so creating one manually isn't the best solution.
Any help would be appreciated

Goce Jauleski

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